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Mi, Okt 11, 2017
von Gayle Claxton
Länge: 2 min 53 s
In this video Gayle shares 3 ways that God identifies with your situation. Isn't it amazing that Almighty God knows all about you? Is there a certain way how you remind yourself that God is with you, no matter how wonderful or difficult your situation is?
Do, Aug 24, 2017
von Gayle Claxton
Länge: 3 min 17 s
In this video, Gayle explains the importance of true forgiveness and also clarifies what forgiveness is not. We believe that this distinction is vital to build and improve relationships in ministry and the Body of Christ. What else do you think is important regarding forgiveness?
Fr, Aug 11, 2017
von Gayle Claxton
Länge: 3 min 8 s
The Fork in the Road - have you ever wondered which way to go? Have you ever taken the wrong way, share with us an experience you have had


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