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Mi, Nov 15, 2017
von Suzette Hattingh
Länge: 4 min 46 s
In this video, Suzette talks about 5 reasons why people sometimes lose their passion for prayer. We believe this is a very timely message. What would you recommend to someone who lost his or her passion for prayer?
Mi, Sep 13, 2017
von Suzette Hattingh
Bibelabschnitt: Psalm 149:6 & Exodus 17:8-16
Länge: 4 min 59 s
In this video, Suzette talks about the reasons why often so few people attend prayer meetings in the church, and yet there is so much power in united prayer. She also suggests some points that could be changed. Do you have any other, additional suggestions? Which scripture do you or your prayer group pray over your church or city?
Mo, Sep 04, 2017
von Suzette Hattingh
Bibelabschnitt: Psalm 133:1
Länge: 5 min 50 s
This week Suzette shares about the importance of united prayer at the City Altar. Unity is not conformity, it’s symphony, and if we pray unitedly, we will see the answer, for there He commands a blessing. We are very excited about the Body of Christ growing in unity and building up the City Altar to make a difference in that city. Which is your favourite experience where united prayer was answered by God?
Mo, Aug 21, 2017
von Suzette Hattingh
Bibelabschnitt: Isaiah 40:12
Länge: 4 min 21 s
3 points for more authority in your prayer life. Suzette shares what she has learned about how the way you live your life is related to the authority you experience. Share with us your experiences with these three. Which one is your favourite scripture reflecting the nature of God?


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