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Mo, Jan 15, 2018
von Gayle Claxton
Länge: 2 min 56 s
In this video Gayle talks about 3 Questions God asks of His servants. Isn't it exciting that God gave every single one of us individual gifts and talents? What do you do with what He gave you?
Do, Sep 07, 2017
von Gayle Claxton
Länge: 3 min 36 s
In this video, Gayle talks about our first reaction in a situation of desaster and crisis. We find it really encouraging that it's still our choice how we respond in these situations and whether we keep our eyes on the cross. What does the cross mean for you personally?
Mi, Aug 30, 2017
von Gayle Claxton
Länge: 3 min 27 s
In this video, Gayle shares some valuable tips on how to deal with discouragement and rejection that comes our way. We believe that this could help the Body of Christ to shake these off and come into the fullness God has prepared. What would you say to someone who feels rejected and discouraged to help and build that person up?
Do, Aug 24, 2017
von Gayle Claxton
Länge: 3 min 17 s
In this video, Gayle explains the importance of true forgiveness and also clarifies what forgiveness is not. We believe that this distinction is vital to build and improve relationships in ministry and the Body of Christ. What else do you think is important regarding forgiveness?


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