We have ministered in high security prisons and detention centres throughout America and Europe. We also have a discipleship programme set in place.

Voice in the City counts it an honour to minister in prisons - to men and women sometimes forgotten by their own loved ones and society. We do not see criminals - we simply see men and women who need Jesus. It is true to say when we have lost the burden of God for one soul we have lost the heart of God.

TestimonyMy pain the Lord turned into joy.

prison cellI'm just sitting here all alone, just staring at my cell room wall, thinking about the things in my life, I've done to cause myself to fall. I'm telling you the truth, when I say, this really stinks. To be here in this place in my life, I chose to sit and think. To think about the pain I put my family and loved one's through, when all I really want to say, is that my love is still strong and true. To think about the things I've done in my life, I knew was wrong from the start, see, we once was all together, yet now are all so far apart. For truly now I will see, who has true love for Jesus and me in their heart. So I ask, do you really know what true pain is? Just think, not to be able to hold your children when they slip and fall or maybe skin a knee, I ask, can't you just hear these little one's cry? "My daddy wasn't here for me, O Lord please just tell me why?" Or how would you feel, that they have to write you, every night and every day, but yet, they too are just so far away, as they slip this in a letter, as they gently say, "I love you daddy, and hope you're home for my birthday." I tell the truth, that's one of the times I dropped to my knees and to the Lord I did cry, as tears run down my cheeks, as I looked up to the Heavens in the sky. With this I say to my family, loved one's and friends, together again soon we will be. For a miracle in itself, that's soon to happen to you and me. As I say look up, as you all turn around, for up there is our home and we are all homeward bound.

God bless you and may God be with you always.

(Identity withheld)


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