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Thu, Jan 10, 2013

A Clear Goal

by Gayle Claxton
It's very important that you have a clear goal in your life.
Duration:2 mins 18 secs

A clear goal that you are praying for, that you are believing for.

Peter Marshall once said, "Give us a clear vision of where we stand and what we are standing for because if we don't, we will fall for anything", and that's very important.

Another writer that penned it down, an anonymous writer, once said, "A vision without a task is hopeless, a task without a vision is treachery but a task and a vision together is the hope of the world." Sometimes it all depends on our attitude. Sometimes we just have to act and see clearly and act upon it.

Of course we all know the old story of the two businessmen who went to a primitive island. They had to go and see what the possibility for business would have been. They both were businessmen selling shoes. Once they got there the first businessman wrote back and said, "I'm coming back immediately, everybody here is walking bear foot and not wearing shoes." The second man wrote back, "Send a boat full of shoes! The chances to sell shoes here is unlimited!"

Sometimes it depends on your attitude. I wonder how you see things today, I wonder how clear your goal is. Why not set it before the Lord in prayer and then start in small ways. Believe God for that small thing and God will take you to the bigger things; it all depends on your attitude.

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