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Mon, Jan 07, 2013

Express Yourself to God

God expresses Himself in the person of Jesus and the Holy Spirit expresses Himself in the written Word; the Bible. You and I, we express ourselves to God in prayer.
Duration:2 mins 16 secs

Prayer really is the love language between us and God.

It is really for us to say, "As it is in Heaven, so be it on Earth".

It's really a relationship with God.

Prayer without being based on the Word of God has no effect and prayer without a relationship with God also has no effect.

Then again it's not our eloquent prayer, it's not our long prayers, it's the cry of the heart that God wants to hear. That which is honest and real and telling Him exactly where you are at.

Have you expressed yourself today to your Father in Heaven? He's waiting on you 24 hours a day, waiting just to hear from you. Nobody can take your place and the smallest or the most insignificant prayer as far as you are concerned is exactly what the Father is waiting for.

Remember, He loves you because He loves you because He loves you. He doesn't love you because you're smart or elegant or good or bad or capable or educated; He loves you because He made you, He loves you because He paid for you and He loves you because He longs for you.

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