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Thu, Jan 03, 2013

Light of the Cross

Reinhard Bonnke said, the light of the cross is not the limelight of our career.
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What a true statement.

You know, it is of course not about our name.

It’s not about our career.

It’s not who we are or how anointed we are.

It’s really about Jesus.

And I always say, if we don’t repent when we get that gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit that warns us that we’ve missed something or that we’ve gone the wrong way, we will try to justify our own doings. And then we really miss it.

So why not just run to the cross? Jesus invited us to do just that.

At the cross there is deliverance, there’s freedom, there’s joy and when we repent He is faithful to forgive our sins. Now you can do that. Do that just now.

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