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Wed, Jan 09, 2013

The Blood

by Suzette Hattingh
I have just printed out an amazing statement of Rodney Howard-Browne...
Duration:1 mins 4 secs

Listen to this. “The blood of Jesus does not discriminate. In Egypt, whosoever had the blood on the door was saved – Jew and Egyptian.” True. God is no respecter of person. The blood of Jesus is so powerful. It sets free, it delivers, it changes. Now, why do you think that your situation is so bad that the blood of Jesus cannot heal and restore right there where you need it, where you need that healing, that deliverance or that change? Why not cry out to the Lord? If God saved Jew and Gentile for the power of His blood just think what He’ll do to you or for you if you just cry out to Him right now. He’s ready.

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