Tue, Jan 08, 2013
Change Is Coming
I switched on the TV to listen to the news, the first words I heard from the BBC broadcaster were "this is a year of change".

I sat up straight. "Wow" I thought, "we have heard it over and over last year prophetically that the coming new year is a year of change, that God wants to do a new thing but now even the worldly TV channel declare it - something is up!"

That is also true for all of us - it is almost scary yet exciting! Change is always uncomfortable but it always brings results! It means you move out of your comfort zone into the unknown with God!

God has a goal and purpose for you! He has a destiny planned from the beginning of time (Psalm 139:13)! Sometimes He lovingly drops some hints in our spirits of His dreams and visions for us (Jeremiah 29:11). The desire or vision the Lord has put in your and my spirit is actually Him sharing with us His Father heart for what He sees as our destiny.

Such a vision the Lord has also given to us in Voice in the City, to preach the gospel of salvation to the lost, to minister and pray for the sick, to teach and train God's people and reach out to the broken-hearted. This we can only do by the grace of the Lord and with your support!

The Birthing of a Vision

(Snippets of a chapter in my book "Discovering the Secret to a Successful Prayer Life")

Most of us have a vision in our heart, but we do not know what to do with it. Simply waiting for something to happen will not produce anything.

Remember, your vision will always look too big for you to handle. If you can achieve it purely by your gifting, I doubt that the vision is from God, for true vision demands faith. God lays that vision in our hearts the way He sees it, and how He wants us to develop personally, for He speaks of those things that are not as though they are! If you look at your own abilities you will never achieve the vision laid on your heart, but in Christ, you can do all things (Proverbs 29:18).

The Lord always gives His children something special for them to grow and expend their gifts and ministry on. For some, it may be a vision for orphans, for others, it might be a vision for teaching the Word of God to those in impoverished situations.

God will put something into everybody’s heart, and what He puts there is not necessarily for the whole world to join, but just for you and perhaps a select few. That is the great beauty of our Father, He gives us different burdens and visions because He purposes to work through us in that specific area.


In any vision, there has to be faith – rock-solid, unwavering, concrete faith! It is not the size of your faith; it is the strength of your faith that matters. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, that is fine, but a mustard seed is a solid, composite entity, not a figment of imagination. Your faith must be grounded and based upon the Word of God, not upon your imagination, or even worse, your presumption.

A walk of faith is a walk of assurance and certainty. Please note that there is a very big difference between faith and faithfulness. Many people wonder why they have served so long and not seen the results of what they have believed for. They go to church, give their tithes, are faithful at the prayer meetings, but have not seen great breakthroughs. Faithfulness is wonderful, but you need to apply FAITH to your vision to see it fulfilled.

The vision starts with a passion in your heart. As you pray, the God-placed desire will increase. You will become focused upon one area, and certain events in your life will combine to form and change you, so that there is clarity in your vision – but it does not happen overnight.

True faith demands boldness and determination. It is pointless having a crystal-clear vision, and not moving out in faith to bring it to fruition. Boldness brings results. Acts 14:13

I encourage you, stir up that vision and seek the Lord. You have been made perfect, your size, experiences, the family you were born in, and all that is about you – good and bad – was all preparation for you to do what you need to do. You should invigorate your vision, because it was given to you as God’s means of directing your life into the ways and purposes that He has determined for your life. Proverbs 29:18a.

Steps to Bring the Vision to Birth

Once God has revealed to you His purpose in your life, and He has confirmed it again and again, what do you do then? If you are going to see any fulfilment of what God has spoken to you, then you must start acting on that vision in small ways and the increase will come.

Pray Your Vision

  • The first and most important step is to pray! Very simple, pray about your vision, bring it before the Lord in prayer, worship, fasting - humbling yourself before the Lord. All the Scriptures that you have been given concerning the vision, pray them over and over to the Lord. Make time, daily, for this most important stage.
  • The second step is to write the vision down, so that it becomes clear in your mind and in your spirit. Write it where you can read it daily, where you can keep it in front of your eyes. If possible, use a magnet and attach it to your fridge. (Habakkuk 2:2-3)

Remember – the vision is yours. Not everybody will understand it, nor necessarily agree with it. However, it is given to you by God!

The Incubation Period

If you are assured that the vision is God ordained, then it will go through an ‘incubation period’ (a time period). All seeds, plans, and projects undergo an incubation period, and that includes your vision. This incubation period is the time from when God first spoke the vision to the time at which it is manifest. It is not a static time; it is an operational period, in which many things take place.

Unfortunately, it is also a period in which many men and women lose what was given to them. Many visions die during this time, or are not encouraged through lack of understanding. It is a time, in which people lose faith, become discouraged, compromise or lose patience during the waiting period.

Start acting out the vision in small and larger ways. Don’t just wait - start doing it OR BECOME A PART of others with the same vision and desire like you; by prayer, financial support and being a partner in what they do. Shareholders mean that you share alike in the reward but you have to get involved. Not all of us can go to the mission field but all of us can be part of the “going” in financial support and prayer.

Maybe you are already fully involved in your vision - then get ready for NEW DIMENSIONS THIS YEAR! CHANGE IS COMING!